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Twisted Plot Revision Page143 by faile35
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Kendra in Robe by Epoch-Art
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Another sadsadpanda naziruletroll spotted... goes under alias "  EdgeworthsNeckScarf "  and his page

This is what he said
this is pornography and this is not okay on dA
someone like akairiot is okay because in the end its a form of art


this is not okay

report them right now"

Ok. So, he claims to be 13 y old boy from UK, meme artist (we trully need one more of those, yes) and ...what else.. dunno..

I can't get my head around the thing.. that I KNOW.. that Hibblis pics are tagged as mature content and censored like DA RULES DEMANDS..  Note.. if you go to this trolls page, you notice that he haven't shown his REAL age.. and just claims that he's 13..  I smell bullshit and it comes from denma.. ermm.. UNITED KINGDOM..

Also the fact as he ask people to report Hibbli to staff, so he can hide the fact that he can see her pics..

Under the bottomline.. Sad faced NAZIRULETROLL behind FAKE ACCOUNT.. dunno what he is hunting, searching, watching.. but FAKE IS A FAKE! Cake isn't always a lie, but Fake is fake what ever you claim..

Personally.. I really wonder why some 13 y old boy would be interested to do meme stuff (we do need more of that crap, yes, just bring it..) and is SAD to see material that he calls " pornography "..

It pisses me off to see these naziruletrolls roaming around DA and do their nasty crap they do.. Sad thing is, if this "boy" would have born in USA.. he could be The President of United Fucknut states..

Tell me.. how underaged boy could see behind da's maturefilter.. is it Hibblis fault? ooooh, ok.. when asking that from DA.. it is.. Only Hibblis fault.

While I dont give any respect or TRUST to staff members of DA.. I did report this "13 y old brit boy" aka EdgeworthsNeckScarf to staff.. for trolling and using fake identity.. should have added "been meme artist" on that list, but.... sad thing, it's not forbidden.. Ok.. everyone has their own hobbies..

But hey.. it's fucknut weedsmoking staff in DA.. so.. they will see this situation like this..
" innocent meme loving little 13 year old boy were stalked by bad slutty drugs using childabuser woman, who have made dirty dirty so dirty pics and caused this innocent 13 y old boy to have huge shock and therefore Brave, powerfull and heroes of nation.. knights in shiny bling bling armours.. champions of the all meme artists.. DA staff.. kicked and banned this pervert woman for good from DA..  "

13 y old boy who makes memes and dislike pair of tits... RIGHT, YEAH!!

Naziruletroll using FAKE ACCO... EdgeworthsNeckScarf  is FAKE! EdgeworthsNeckScarf  is FAKE!

EdgeworthsNeckScarf.. I know that you can see this.. Have a nice day!!  Trolling is bad for you, stop while you can. ;) Thanks for visiting..


LadyAdaraConstantine's Profile Picture
I'm a writer... My favorite genre is high fantasy.. with strong horror flavor.. so not so much fairies in the middle of the flowerfield on the nice and warm day -stories.. but I can write also modern era stories as I know that some people dislike fantasy and scifi stories..

I'm a hobby writer.. and maybe I won't get my daily bread from this.. but girl must try to have some fun.. :)

Trades : Closed.
Collabs : Closed, I won't render pics for someone elses story, NEVER again!
Requests : Closed.
Commissions: Send a note and tell what you had in mind..


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